16 Creepiest Things Kids Ever Told Their Parents. #11 Made Me Shiver

Sometimes, your little ones say unexpected things that are downright funny and hilarious. You often wonder where they heared that from, or how they even thought of saying that. But it’s funny so you don’t think about it much.  But what about the creepy things these kids say upfront? Things like burying his little brother because he’s a monster, or that the thing that was hiding underneath his bed is now behind you, or that she wants to cut your head off so she can carry you around all because she loves you so much? Don’t you want to know where they heard these from? Scary right?

Photo Credit: flickr | Alexandre Normand
Photo Credit: flickr | Alexandre Normand

Thanks, Discovery Channel.

Here are 16 situations when children told hair-raising things to their parents. I bet the falling off of the lamp in number 1 made it extremely creepy.
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