20 Text Message Responses From An Ex. These are Crazy!

Breaking up with someone we’ve been dating for a while or had a serious relationship with is sometimes hard to accept. For some people break ups can breed a myriad of angst, hatred, and outrage towards their exes; while some, on the other hand, just let go and move on with their lives.

But what if these exes, whether the ‘dumper’ or the ‘dumpee’, suddenly sends a random message, discreetly trying to hit on you again (maybe they want to take you back or just miss doing ‘those’ things with you)? How would you reply?

Photo Credit: emgn.com

Nothing for you, so leave her alone.

These 20 hilarious responses to text messages from the worst people in the world (read: EX), will show you what getting even with pride and sarcasm means.
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