Couple Recreates Sweet Photo from 1992, Even Tries to Wear the Same Clothes

May forever!

An old couple recently went viral after they recreated a sweet photo taken back in 1992 – and it’s a sweet reminder that it is really still possible to find your one true love.

In this day and age when people readily tell couples “Walang forever!” out of jest and a tinge of bitterness, it still feels good to see couples who managed to get through all the odds and grow old together, huh?

Photo credit: @raymonpuzon / Twitter

In a post on Twitter that has garnered more than 110k likes and over 27k retweets, user @raymonpuzon shared photos of his parents, both taken at a historic marker in Lingayen Beach, Pangasinan.

So my parents asked me to take their picture so that they could recreate their picture in the same spot from the year 1992 ☹️❤️,” the young man tweeted.

The photo from 1992 shows the couple standing in front of the marker, still so young and in love. The woman was wearing an oversized red t-shirt, white pants, and a pair of brown loafers. She was holding a fan.

While the woman’s smile was a bit reserved, her man was definitely so happy to take this photo with her. Wearing a brown shirt with a white neck trim, white pants, and topsiders, he’s the picture of happiness as he posed with his girl.

Fast forward to present day, the couple now have grown-up kids, one of whom is @raymonpuzon. They wanted to recreate the photo from their younger days – and even tried their best to wear the same clothes as the ones they were wearing in the 1992 picture. It’s the ultimate #throwback photo!

Photo credit: @raymonpuzon / Twitter

Like in the old photo, the woman wore a red t-shirt which now fitted her better than in the first picture plus a pair of white pants. Meanwhile, the man wore a white t-shirt beneath the brown top to still achieve the first photo’s white collar trim. This time, though, the couple wore matching topsider shoes.

A lot of netizens were truly impressed by the photos, sharing the post with hashtags like #RelationshipGoals and tagging their loved ones. Many also congratulated the couple for staying in love and wishing that they can also find their ‘forever’, just like this old couple. Ah, that’s so sweet!

Source: @raymonpuzon / Twitter