Counterflowing Taxi and Road Rage All Caught on Camera

All drivers learn to have patience when they are on the road. This includes giving way to crossing pedestrians and being stuck in traffic. You would need to take your time as well because one mistake can cause trouble for everyone around you. In this case, one driver appears to have lost his patience and may have caused more harm than good.

Facebook user Nico Tatts uploaded his video that shows a taxi that was counterflowing, or going through a street in an opposite direction. Nico used his phone’s camera to show that his car is just in front of it and he appears to have the right of way, as all other vehicles that were visible to his right were going along his direction. He then forced the taxi to go on reverse in order for it to go back to the correct lane. The taxi had to back up slowly as large trucks were passing through and there were concrete barriers in between the lanes.

As Nico then drove by after the taxi got back to the correct lane, the taxi driver rolled down his window and attempted to confront him. The driver appeared to want to start a fight, but Nico only kept asking if he was in the right when he counterflowed.

The taxi driver tried to point out another vehicle that counterflowed but Nico kept bringing the conversation back to him and the taxi.

As the conversation heated up, the taxi driver then started to insult Nico: First he insulted the phone that Nico was using to record everything, then it became personal. The taxi passengers were laughing and were trying to jump into the conversation as well. Insults were thrown at each other and the video ended with the taxi driver trying to get the last laugh before finally driving off in his correct lane.

Watch Nico’s video here:

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Posted by Nico Ichieban Tatts on Thursday, March 7, 2019