Cops Receive Challenge for Epic Dance Battle with Kids after Responding to Complaints for Loud Noise

Kids can be really noisy at times, especially when they are having fun, right? But sometimes, neighbors can no longer tolerate their noise and either call the cops or tell them off.

Detective Sergeant Gary Sanders of the Pierce County Sheriff’s Department was responding to such a call one day at the Image Dance Studio when he was instead challenged by the young dancers to an epic dance battle that would soon get the internet smiling with delight.

Photo credit: YouTube / Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

As the police officer told the dancers to turn down the volume of their music because the neighbors were complaining, he wrote a ticket but the lovely young ladies soon found a way to sort things out – they challenged Sanders to a dance off! Ooooops.

Photo credit: YouTube / Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

Other cops would have gotten angrier over the challenge but Sanders is not like other cops. He accepts the challenge and calls for backup as the girls told him where they would meet.

True to his word, Sanders arrived at the meeting spot with the rest of the officers from Pierce County Sheriff’s Department. But who would win in this epic dance battle – the men in blue or the little ladies in red?

As the dance battle began, it was soon clear that the police officers were not as good in everything as everyone think they are – and they would soon lose to these charming little ladies! It was really cute.

Photo credit: YouTube / Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

At the end of the video, Sanders had to tear the ticket he wrote for the dance studio as the ladies were the clear winners of the dance off.

The video has earned praise from netizens who knew that this was staged, of course. Isn’t that obvious?

Photo credit: YouTube / Pierce County Sheriff’s Department

Smiling…That was totally awesome!!!! Respect for the officers for taking time out from their duties to have fun with those girls by having a dance off!  I’m sure they enjoyed your time and have a great deal of respect towards the officers of your county!” netizen Victoria Farley wrote.

See this is a wonderful sight to see, I wish this was all over the place , teach our children all cops are not bad and from the looks of it these cops are about their community and the children,  hands up to these cops,” Brenda Wright El chimed in.

Watch this video:

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