Computer Engineer Bride Who Didn’t Have Close Girlfriends, Makes Her Male Friends as ‘Bridesmaids’

A 24-year-old bride who works as computer engineer did not have close female friends but have a lot of male best friends. So, when her wedding approached, she had a problem choosing her bridesmaids – until she had the brilliant idea of making her male pals stand as her bridesmaids!

The results were actually hilarious and super unconventional…

Photo credit: Rebeca Abrantes / Instagram

Rebeca Abrantes, who hails from Brazil, studied computer engineering but her choice is still a male-dominated career in the country that she was only one of the 4 women in a class of 60 students! It’s soon easy to see why she didn’t have close female friends.

Photo credit: Rebeca Abrantes / Instagram

While such isn’t really something that bothered Rebeca, she did have a little dilemma when it was time for her to get married. After all, most brides have bridesmaids and they go through fun photoshoots and a shower party before the wedding.