Charity Org Head Serving Jail Time After Using Donations for the Homeless for His Lavish Lifestyle

Robert John Davies, the 50-year-old ex-Finance Chief of the charity organization Cyrenians Cymru is facing a 5-year jail term after admitting to charges of fraud by abuse of position amounting to £1.3M, or $1.7M.

This amount was, apparently, used to finance Robert’s luxurious lifestyle. Among these things are his overseas travel to Japan, United States, and South Africa and had spent £80,000 ($104,000) on his accommodations in hotels like the Ritz and Savoy in London.

Image from Wales News Service/Getty

He once had a £1,200 ($1,600) single meal at a seafood restaurant and £526 ($690) on room service during his stay at a hotel.

Furthermore, he maintains a £250,000 ($330,000) boat at the Swansea Marina.

Prosecutor Carl Harrison said that Robert John’s priciest stay at the Savoy Hotel cost £10,276 ($13,000) and all-in-all spending £83,752 ($109,000) in the said hotel. He added that the former finance chief would travel between Swansea and Paris in a £26,653 ($35,000)-worth of private aircraft.

Robert John reportedly told his wife and two children that the money he has been spending is all part of his bonuses, on top of his £45,000 ($59,000) annual salary. To cover his tracks, Robert John created fake companies and forged invoices for his foreign travels, holidays, private boats and aircraft.

Source: Express