Calf Born with Two Heads Struggles to Survive But has No Idea She’s Different

Although animals (and humans) with two heads rarely survive to adulthood, there have been a handful who actually lived to old age – and one calf born in a Kentucky farm seems to be going in that direction for it has a very strong will to live and even appears to have no idea that she’s different!

Lucky, the two-headed calf, was born in the McCubbins’ farm. Stan McCubbin had gone to the field to check on the cows when he found the calf. At first, he even thought that the cow had given birth to twins but quickly realized that the calf had two heads.

Photo credit: Brandy Abell McCubbin / Facebook
Photo credit: Brandy Abell McCubbin / Facebook

Upon checking, Stan discovered that Lucky had cleft palates on both her mouths, making it difficult for her to nurse from her mother; thus, Stan and his wife Brandy fed the calf from a bottle.

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