Calendar Featuring Photos of French Firemen is the Hottest You’ve Ever Seen… These Men are on Fire!

Firemen risk their lives to save people, pets, and property – and for many of these brave men (and women, of course), it is not about the salary they receive that actually makes them want to work but the fact that they want to save lives and be a hero to these people.

In recognition of the bravery and, often, stunning physique of these firemen, French photographer Fred Goudon captured their photos for a calendar in their honor. But instead of merely featuring firemen doing firemen duties, Goudon thought it would be more interesting if they were a little risqué!

So, for Calendrier des Pompiers 2016, you’ll see over a dozen of hot images from these handsome French firemen – some are actually too hot to post here! But we’ll give you a glimpse of what you can expect to find in this risqué but artful calendar:

Photo credit: Fred Goudon/Bright Side
Photo credit: Fred Goudon/Bright Side

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