Bullied for Her Pitch-Black Skin, This Woman Overcame Challenges to Become a Model!

Having skin as dark as your hair is certainly very unusual but while this came natural to Khoudia Diop of Senegal, Africa, it had also brought her a life of misery as she was teased in school about her pitch-black skin!

The taunts hurt her as a kid but as she grew older, she learned to simply ignore the bullies and vowed to never let their words affect her life. Indeed, this proved effective as she was able to fulfill her dreams and eventually became a model.

Now 19 years old, the Senegalese model goes by the name “melaniin.goddess” on Instagram where she has over 322k followers!

Because of her unusual skin, she became a unique face in the modeling industry and has actually experienced a successful career in fashion these last two years.

What do you think of this lovely lady?

Photo credit: Instagram/@melaniin.goddess
Photo credit: Instagram/@melaniin.goddess

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