Brokenhearted Guy Saves Money He Usually Spends on Dates, Saves Php16k in 4 Months

While we already live in a modern world where a lot of ladies actually hold a high-paying job and even have better careers than their partners, many couples still follow the unspoken rule in dating: the man pays when they are out on a date.

Of course, you can contest that and say that the ladies should also pay their share of the bill, but most guys still prefer doing this the old-fashioned way.

One guy would soon find out how expensive dating can actually be for a guy when he actually saved more than Php16k in 4 months after he broke up with his girlfriend! Whoa.

Photo credit: Facebook / PESO SENSE

A previously happy-go-lucky college student used to spend all his money in dates with his girlfriend.

He earns extra money in various sideline businesses, such as letting his friends and neighbors but a sack of rice on credit, paying him a small interest of Php150 per month for a 25-kg sack of rice.

Living in the province where gasoline stations are far, he also sells gasoline by the liter, earning a profit of Php10 per liter of gasoline sold.

When he broke up with his girlfriend last August 30, the brokenhearted young man did not feel like going out with friends or even finding someone new. Instead, he decided to save the money he used to spend on dates with his ex-girlfriend, beginning September 1.

Photo credit: Facebook / PESO SENSE

Inspired by posts on financial literacy Facebook page, PESO SENSE, he made sure to diligently put his money in an empty container of Stik-O.

After 4 months, the young man finally opened his piggy bank and was pleasantly surprised to find out that he was able to save Php16,400! He had been spending around that much money on dates with his ex-GF! He was quite pleased with himself for saving his money; thus, he shared his story with PESO SENSE.

A lot of netizens were happy for this young man, saying it was good that he saved his money; some joked, however, that his girlfriend was ‘high-maintenance’ and he should find himself a thrifty girl next time. Others half-joked that it was a good thing he’s single because he now has money.

Photo credit: Facebook / PESO SENSE

Kidding aside, it really was a good thing he turned the sad situation into a happy one, right?

Source: Facebook / PESO SENSE