British Barmaid Allegedly Loses Job Because of Not Wearing Bra

Twenty-two-year-old Kate Hanna has been working at the Bird and Beer in Beverley, East Riding Yorkshire before she was, allegedly, sacked for not wearing a bra.

Image from the Facebook account of Kate Hanna

Apparently, she was not wearing a bra while serving drinks at the bar and the manager felt that her getup leaves too little to the imagination.

Kate, then, went home, took a selfie with her gray uniform, and then posted it on Facebook.

Image from the Facebook account of Kate Hanna

According to her Facebook post, an inappropriate sexual remark was made to her at work that made her feel uncomfortable, objectified, and shocked. However, the manager told her that she is not allowed to work unless she is wearing a bra.

This statement left her feeling body shamed and she was shocked that she was being blamed for the sexual harassment that she suffered.

She added that she was disgusted by the blatant lack of respect for her rights as a woman that is to wear whatever makes her personally comfortable. However, the management of the bar denied the allegation of dismissing Kate for not wearing a bra.

They made a statement posted on Facebook saying that no employee has been dismissed from the company and that they have a duty to protect all their employees from any discrimination or sexual harassment within the workplace. Furthermore, the Bird and Beer said that they take comments made on their employees seriously and that they immediately act on it in a professional manner.