Bride Didn’t Have a Lot of Money for the Wedding, Makes Gorgeous Gown from Paper

It seems that weddings these days have become an unspoken competition where couples outdo each other in having the grandest wedding that money can buy. Even proposals have become more and more expensive and grand, involving a lot of people and often done in public.

But one bride recently gained praise not for having the grandest wedding but for having a simple one where she wore a gorgeous gown made from paper!

Photo credit: Facebook / Maricel Capinig Abaño

Maricel Capinig Abaño got married to Ronald Lucena Mata in a mass wedding sponsored for nearly 200 couples by Kagawad Marivic Co-Pilar of Quezon City District 6.

But the bride did not have a lot of money for the wedding and couldn’t afford a grand gown. This did not deter her from attending the ceremony – but she earned praise from Co-Pilar and many netizens because she made her own gown from paper!

Photo credit: Facebook / Maricel Capinig Abaño

The young bride is quite creative, even posting a number of her crafts on her Facebook page. She makes house decorations from paper.


These crafts were her inspiration in creating her own gown by hand, using pieces of bond paper and cartolina to fashion the unique piece. The lovely gown even had a matching hat as well as colorful paper flowers.

There were a total of 178 couples who got married on October 17 in that mass wedding but Maricel stood out from the rest of the brides, thanks to her unique costume. Her outfit got Co-Pilar’s attention.

Photo credit: Facebook / Marivic Co-Pilar

Out of all the couples, Co-Pilar had a photo taken with Maricel and Ronald, posting this on her Facebook account as she expressed admiration over Maricel’s determination and creativity. The councilor revealed she also gave the couple a special gift.

Photo credit: Facebook / Maricel Capinig Abaño

Netizens were also quite impressed with Maricel’s creative outfit, saying that this is one wise young bride who knew what to do to make her wedding extra special without spending a lot of money.

Sources: Facebook / Marivic Co-Pilar, Facebook / Maricel Capinig Abaño