Brad Pitt Builds 100 Homes for Families Who Lost Theirs During the Most Destructive Hurricane in the US History

Hurricane Katrina is considered to be the most destructive hurricane in the history of the United States of America, with many places affected. New Orleans is among those heavily damaged by Katrina, with many homes razed to the ground and thousands of people dying in its wake.

Hollywood actor Brad Pitt was among those who were deeply touched by the tragedy. Not only did he fly to New Orleans to personally check out what has happened there, he also vowed to help the people there get their lives back.

Photo credit: The Guardian
Photo credit: The Guardian

Pitt donated money and also created fundraising events, aiming to build at least 100 homes for the affected families. Not only did Pitt personally attend fundraising events and gave a talk to encourage more donors, he also hired famous architects and took part in helping design the houses.

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