Boy Who Lost Entire Family to ‘Yolanda’ Lived in the Streets, Praised for Pushing Self to Succeed

When he lost his entire family, his house, his everything to Supertyphoon Yolanda back in 2013, John Mark R. Pirante had all the reasons to quit.

He had to live in the streets and find odd jobs to support himself at a tender age. He had no home, no family, yet he found the will to live and support his studies. Despite not having anyone to tell him to go to school, he pushed himself to succeed.

Every day, John Mark would go around the city to clean up in front of stores, offer to take out the garbage, and do odd jobs in exchange for food or money. He didn’t earn a lot but was able to survive with the kindness of people like Renz Peque, a store owner who often gives the kid food and money.

Photo credit: Renz Peque / Facebook

Recently, while cleaning outside the store, John Mark happily informed Renz that he would be graduating that day. Happy for the kid, Renz told him to come back that afternoon as he would give him a graduation gift.

That evening at 7:30, John Mark came back to Renz store with his diploma, toga, and a medal in hand. Renz congratulated him for the medal but was surprised to learn that the kid actually had several medals. However, after the ceremony he went to his family’s grave and left his other medals there – and left only one for himself.

Photo credit: Renz Peque / Facebook

It was a beautiful tribute to his family and, perhaps, a promise that he would do everything to succeed in life and live for his family even if they had all gone…

God bless you, young man! Congratulations on your graduation.

Source: Renz Peque / Facebook