‘Bogart the Explorer’ Loses 100lbs in 9 Months, Posts ‘Tell-All’ Video to Share Secret

‘Bogart the Explorer’, a popular vlogger from Davao City has lost so much weight that he was virtually unrecognizable! Who would have thought that the fat-guy Pinoy explorer with an Australian accent would look this fit, eh?

Bogart, Marco Ho in real life, had actually lost a total of 100lbs, leaving many netizens amazed at the transformation. A lot wanted to know what his secret was, considering that many people struggle to even lose 10lbs!

Photo credit: PaperbugTV / YouTube

Because a lot of people were asking many questions about his weight loss journey, Bogart decided to post a ‘tell-all’ video to answer the burning questions in everyone’s minds.

Photo credit: PaperbugTV / YouTube

At the start of the video, Bogart told fans that it was really him on the video – as many would probably be shocked to see the much slimmer version. In fact, a number of fans refused to believe it was him at first but after listening to him talking in his Pinoy-style Australian accent, they would realize it really was Bogart the Explorer from Davao City.

Bogart answered a number of questions unrelated to his weight-loss journey before sharing his secrets in the ‘tell-all’ video.

Photo credit: PaperbugTV / YouTube

According to Bogart, he had lost a total of 100lbs in 9 months through intermittent fasting plus surfing and skating. The combination would help him quickly lose weight.

But what was his motivation? After all, a lot of people often wish to do this but never really go far due to lack of proper motivation.

Photo credit: PaperbugTV / YouTube

Bogart shared that it was the birth of his daughter that made him focus on getting fit because he wanted to make sure he stays in her life. It was all the motivation he needed to begin his journey to becoming fit.

Photo credit: PaperbugTV / YouTube

As he lost weight, Bogart loved that he could do a lot of things without getting tired or needed to rest for a while to catch his breath. Coupled with his dream of staying healthy and alive for his daughter, it motivated him to lose more weight until he reached the 100-lb weight-loss mark.

What can you say about his transformation? Watch his ‘tell-all’ video here:

Source: ABS-CBN News