Birthday Cake in the Overhead Compartment, Causes One Family to be Kicked Off from a Flight

Cameron and Minta Burke were traveling with their children on board a Jet Blue Airlines from JFK Airport in New York to Las Vegas to celebrate Minta’s 40th birthday; they brought with them a cake for the celebration. They put the cake in the overhead compartment of the plane.

After a while, a flight attendant asked them to take the cake out of the compartment and just place it underneath the seat. Cameron complied and saw another crew member approached the flight attendant whom they were talking a while ago.

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Cameron said that the crew member pointed at the other flight attendant who talked to them and asked her whether she told them that they could not put anything in the overhead compartment. He, then, approached the crew members and told them that everything was fine.

The other flight attendant answered back, saying that their conversation does not involve Cameron.

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“When she told me I had been non-compliant, I said, ‘Ma’am, had you been drinking?’ because her behavior was not normal,” Cameron said.

The police were called and told the family that ‘no one’s in any trouble,’ as Cameron’s son seemed visibly upset.

Cameron’s family were later told that the airline had requested all passengers to disembark and take another flight.

After disembarking, the family were then provided with an immediate refund and was told to book a flight on the following day.

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Jet Blue said in the statement, “(The customer) refused multiple requests from the crew to remove the items… becomes agitated, cursed, and yelled at the crew, and made false accusations about a crew member’s fitness to fly.”

On the other hand, Cameron said that he never cursed or raised his voice and that they were never told why they were being asked to leave the plane.