Beware of These 10 Fake Foods from China… Everything’s Going to Make You Sick!

Over the years, there have been so many different food scandals from China that the topic has its own page on Wikipedia – and is among the most discussed food issues on social media and the web. While their government most certainly tries to work hard to crack down on these food problems, there are still many that hit the market or get served in restaurants and food stalls, anyway.

You should beware of these fake foods from China because everything is surely going to make you sick!

Plastic Rice

With rice being a staple food not just in China but in many neighboring countries and its trade partners as well, it is not surprising that this food item would also be faked by enterprising businessmen.

Instead of growing rice the normal way, they created fake rice out of potatoes and sweet potatoes – but while these vegetables were alright to use as rice alternatives, the fake rice was not just made of these two items but was also mixed with synthetic resin!

While the fake rice cooked with a nice scent, it took a lot of time to cook it because it was very hard – and it’s dangerous, too! Eating 3 bowls of this is equivalent to eating 1 plastic bag! Ugh!

Photo credit: Proud Pinoy TV
Photo credit: Proud Pinoy TV

Featured image credit: CNTV

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