BEWARE! 11 Diseases That Can Be Passed Down from Your Pet to You!

Pets are adorable companions since they are always there when you needed them the most. If you don’t have a best friend that you can cry on during hard times, you can reach for your pet as some people believe that they have the power to calm you down.  The warmth that you would feel inside would be good enough to do that.

However, a number of those pets have some diseases that can affect us humans, too.  It is just right that we should be aware of those diseases, so that we would know what to do or what to research when those diseases do affect us.

Here are some of the pet diseases that we can acquire from them:


the flu
Image by Live Science

Like most animals, cats are vulnerable to flu.  Back in December 2016, there were a strain of flu called H7N2 which has infected one person. Fortunately, the person was able to recover from the flu.

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