Because of Gambling Debts, Malaysian Couple Took Their Own Lives

A married couple from Lembah Permai, Ampang, Malaysia had reportedly taken their own lives by burning their apartment because they cannot pay the husband’s gambling debts.

Reports said the 41-year-old husband, Soh Chong Keat, had a gambling addiction and because he was unemployed, he had to borrow money from loan sharks. The money he owed has amounted to RM10000 ($2000). His wife, 36-year-old Low Shock Kim, who worked as a secretary, serves as his guarantor.

Image from Sinchew Daily News

Two days before the incident, some neighbors of the couple woke up to an encounter between the couple and some loan sharks who came into their house to collect payments for their debts.

Apparently, Low has texted his sister and a colleague about their plans of taking their lives because of their debts. Unfortunately, it was already too late when they read the message.

Low’s relatives had earlier advised her to leave her husband because of his gambling habits but she did not listen to them, as she loved him so much.

The couple left behind a 12-year-old child who has been living with Low’s family. In her final message to her family, she hopes that family will take good care of their child.

Taking one’s own life is a serious matter and should be taken with urgency. If someone is attempting to take his own life, placing a call to a helpline will help you help that person.

Source: World of Buzz