Baby Girl Dies at the Back of the Car as Grandma Thought She’d Dropped Her at the Nursery

An unnamed grandmother left home to go to work one morning. Before proceeding to her office, she planned on dropping off her baby granddaughter at Oklahoma’s Apple Creek Learning Center. However, she went straight to her work without dropping off the toddler at the nursery, as she had earlier planned.

She went on with her usual routine but forgot that the child was still trapped at the backseat of her car.

Image from Pexels

At the end of the work day, she drove to the learning center to pick up the child she thought she had dropped off earlier. But, instead, nursery staff told her that she did not drop off her granddaughter at the center. To cast any doubt, they still looked for the little girl inside the day care to no avail.

They, then, went to the grandmother’s car and there they found the lifeless little girl. The Luther Fire Department pronounced the girl dead at the scene.

Sheriff’s Office spokesman Mark Opgrande said that the grandmother, who has full custody of the child, was still distraught at what happened but is still being investigated.

Source: Mirror