Baby Footprints Mysteriously Appear in Bataan Malls, Photos Scare Netizens

There are so many mysteries in this world that are so difficult to explain. These mysteries are so weird at times that we often attribute them to supernatural beings and spirits that live in another dimension. But are those really true?

Well, it’s hard to tell whether these creatures do exist but there are times when these supernatural stories are accompanied by photos – and such make the story creepier than ever!

Recently, several malls in Balanga, Bataan, supposedly experienced getting ‘visited’ by a baby but this particular baby is a creepy variety in that it leaves just a single footprint of its muddy (sometimes bloody!) foot at inconspicuous places.

Photo credit: Twitter / @kyuriiie

Twitter user @kyuriiie shared the story, claiming that mysterious footprints have been appearing at several malls in Balanga, with the ‘baby’ supposedly visiting just one stall per night.

Photo credit: Twitter / @kyuriiie

According to the urban legend, the baby moves across the malls in Balanga (Galleria, Ocampo’s, CPM, and Vista Mall) and would ‘play’ at one stall. It would leave a single footprint at that stall – and that’s something that adds more mystery to the story. Why just one single footprint?

Photo credit: Twitter / @kyuriiie

It is said that wiping the footprint is futile, and might even make matters worse because this would make the other (partner) footprint appear.

Sometimes there would be several prints of similar sizes but observers note that these often appear too far apart from each other to be made by a regular baby. Furthermore, there are times when the baby footprints were supposedly accompanied by adult-sized ones but these also come in single prints like the baby’s.

Photo credit: Twitter / @kyuriiie

Some people think that the footprints actually bring luck because the baby ‘played’ at their stall the previous night but many believe this is scary.

Photo credit: Twitter / @kyuriiie

According to @kyuriiie, there have also been times when the footprints actually appear or are ‘made’ during daytime wherein someone would notice the prints appearing even if no child could be seen nearby. There were also reports of people calling out to a small child they supposedly see walking alone inside the mall but others could not see anyone there.


Sources: InquirerTwitter / @kyuriiie