Aussie Comedian Spoofs Celebrity Instagram Photos. #8 Nailed It!

Ordinary people often go gaga over their favorite celebrity’s selfie posts that they tend to mimic them. But little did we know that these almost perfect shots they call ‘natural and effortless’ are rather staged than normal. Or at least to a typical fan who tries hard to achieve the same look.

Aussie comedian Celeste Barber made parodies of the ‘regular selfie routines’ of some very famous celebrities to show that they are still far detached from normal life.

Photo Credit: Facebook | Celeste Barber
Photo Credit: Facebook | Celeste Barber

Expectation vs. Reality

With the hashtag #Celestechallengeaccepted, Celeste took celebrity selfies to a whole new level. We picked out 13 of our favorites and #8 drove me nuts.
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