As 12-Year-Old Daughter Dies in Her Arms, Mom Said, “Close Your Eyes and Go to Sleep”

In November 2014, nine-year-old Skye Aitman was diagnosed with a stage four children’s kidney cancer, Wilms tumor and doctors said that cancer already spread to her lungs.

The girl braved six weeks of intensive chemotherapy before undergoing an operation to remove the tumor on her kidneys. Skye’s mother, Michelle, said that the surgery was followed by more chemotherapy, radiotherapy, and a keyhole surgery to remove the small tumor on Skye’s lungs.

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After months of recovery, Skye was allowed to go home and for several years, enjoyed a normal childhood.

Unfortunately, the girl’s stomach began to swell again July of this year. She was taken to a hospital where doctors discovered that her cancer returned and this time, it has spread to her pelvic area. Doctors said there was nothing they could do so she was sent home.

During her final moment, Skye laid in bed cuddled by her father. Mom Michelle climbed into her daughter’s bed and told her that she doesn’t have to fight it anymore and that it was ok to close her eyes and go to sleep.

Image from Mirror

The brave girl died surrounded by her family.

Skye left behind her parents, Michelle and Richard, and her 10-year-old brother, Connor.

Source: Mirror