Artist Creates Hyper-Realistic Food Paintings… They Look So Real, You’d Want to Eat Them! #8 is My Favorite

There really are people blessed with the talent to use their hands to create artwork that look so real you would have to look closely to realize you are looking at paintings!

Take for example Dutch artist Tjalf Sparnaay who loves to make paintings of everyday food items – and they are so stunningly awesome that each piece now sells anywhere from €17,500 ($19,350) to over €120,000 ($132,650)! I didn’t think ‘food’ could be that expensive!

I guess you just have to check out these photos to see these awesome food paintings and understand why people (well, rich people) willingly pay thousands of bucks to get their hands on these masterpieces…

Work by Tjalf Sparnaay
Work by Tjalf Sparnaay

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