Artist Creates 365 Illustrations of Every Single Day He Spent with His Wife for a Year… This is So Sweet!

There are tons of different ways we can show our love to our partners – and you don’t even have to spend a ton of money to do that! Sometimes, you can just tap your talent and create something your partner will surely appreciate – such as baking a cake or giving a massage for no apparent reason or any hidden agenda. Even helping in cleaning up the house can already be a way of showing your love to your spouse!

Now, there is this guy, Curtis Wiklund, who was blessed with a talent in sketching. He made use of that talent in showing his wife just how much he loves her.

He created a project wherein he made 365 illustrations of days he spent with his wife for a year – and the results are truly beautiful! Now only do we get a glimpse into their day to day life as a couple, we also get to witness love working in mysterious ways. It is really so sweet!

Take a look at some of the sketches Wiklund made for his lovely wife:

“I love her so much…”

Photo credit: Drawings 365
Photo credit: Drawings 365

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