15 Annoying Customers Who Got Trolled By A Fake Customer Service Rep Is Absolutely Hilarious

One of the toughest, most stressful jobs is working in the customer service.  Aside from the information overload a customer service representative might encounter, it requires a load of patience and understanding to provide the best customer service experience. There are a lot of rude, disrespectful, crappy people in this world, who complains at almost everything. And CSRs have to deal with them everyday – politely – because otherwise, they lose their job. Why life is so unfair, right?

Photo Credit: Facebook | Hope That Helps
Photo Credit: Facebook | Hope That Helps

You should thank Starbucks that they don’t use metal stirrers. 

But for the love of justice, comedians Ben Palmer and Nick Price under the pseudo name, “Customer Service”, took it upon themselves to answer complains and tell off rude, grumbling customers what every customer service reps can only dream of telling.

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