All Work and No Rest for 36 Hours Killed Policeman from China

After the death of a young doctor from Jakarta, Indonesia because of working nonstop, a policeman from China has also suffered the same fate after working for 36 hours straight.

Gao Guangxi, former chief of the Chengnan Police Station, was found by a colleague unconscious in front of his desk after rendering a 24-hour shift the day before. Instead of taking a day off the following day, he took part in an early morning meeting, and then proceeded to visit 20 branches of the police station.

Image from China Daily/ Asia News Network

Thousands of residents from the Haian Jiangsu Province were saddened by the news of death of the good police officer and a loving father. According to Haian Public Security Bureau Officer Ge Naijing, the only person he forgot to take care of was himself.

Deputy Director Lu Xuqing said that it is not unusual for Gao to work 24 hours straight and he was working at one of the busiest stations in the downtown area which handles about 15,000 cases every year.

Gao’s wife, Yang, died from a gas explosion in 1995. He left behind a daughter, who is attending college in neighbouring Xuzhou.

Source: Asiaone