Alarming Videos of Fake Eggs Being Created and Cooked Make Netizens Worry

There had been a lot of controversies regarding fake food from China that it’s sometimes hard to tell whether the items we buy from the country are actually authentic or simply cheap knock-offs.

Photo credit: Jacko Jackob Getawchew / Facebook

For years, there had been reports of fake milk for babies, fake rice, fake juice, fake cooking oil, fake instant noodles, fake walnuts, fake eggs, fake meat, fake honey, fake salt, fake fruits and vegetables, and a whole lot of other items.

But netizens have gotten worried because in recent years, the counterfeit items have become more realistic that it’s sometimes difficult to determine whether you are cooking the real thing or if these are actually fake Chinese products.

Photo credit: Jacko Jackob Getawchew / Facebook

In a video shared by Jacko Jackob Getawchew on Facebook that has gotten over 2.1 million views, someone could be seen cooking what appears to be a regular egg from an egg tray that you could easily buy off supermarket shelves.

Photo credit: Jacko Jackob Getawchew / Facebook

The woman talking in the video did not show her face. She cracked the egg on the pan and began to cook it but the food item took more than 15 minutes to prepare compared with a regular egg that only takes about 5 minutes to cook.

Photo credit: Jacko Jackob Getawchew / Facebook

Could this egg be a fake one or could there be something wrong with the woman’s stove that hampered her from cooking this properly at the usual time it takes to cook a regular egg? But she claims this egg is proof that fake ones are still being sold out there.

In another video shared by Getawchew that has garnered 6.4 million views, workers at an unknown factory could be seen making what appear to be fake eggs! The fake eggs appeared to look like real ones at first glance and might trick some people into cooking these items.

Netizens were quick to point out that the eggs in this video appeared to be slime egg toys, not fake eggs that they sell for food.

But do you think someone might still be tricked into cooking these slime toys as food?

Source: Elite Readers