After a Year-Long Search, Grandpa Finds 3-Year-Old Grandson Sold by Heartless Parents

 These days, there are a lot of irresponsible parents who simply leave their children to their own devices or just let their parents, the children’s grandparents, care for the kids. Thankfully, most grandparents don’t mind taking care of these young kids, showering them with love and care.

But one grandpa in China was heartbroken after his grandson was sold by heartless parents, even when he and his wife were the ones caring for the kid.

The grandfather, identified as a 55-year-old man surnamed Feng, lives in a town in Fujian Province in China.

Photo credit: The Epoch Times – Beijing Youth Daily /

When his son got married and had a child, this grandpa gave them his blessing, but just 8 months after the child was born, Feng would become the baby’s guardian because his son and daughter-in-law left the baby at their house.

Feng’s son and daughter-in-law would regularly go to their house to take the child out for a day but would always leave the kid to them at night. At first, Feng thought there was nothing wrong with the arrangement as he loved caring for his grandson, named Howie, but it turned out the child’s parents had darker plans.

On January 14, 2018, Feng’s son and daughter-in-law took the boy in the morning but did not return him that night. At first, he thought the younger couple have realized their responsibilities on the kid, but he would later find out that the kid had been taken to a childless couple in exchange for cash.

His son would not admit a thing at first, but Feng would later learn that the young couple had received $18,000 for the kid – and they split the money between themselves.

Photo credit: The Epoch Times – Beijing Youth Daily /

Distraught, the old man searched for the boy, conducting his own investigation before eventually seeking help from the police and finally reporting the sale on December 25, 2018. With the help of the cops and from the leads he was able to gather, Feng was soon able to find Howie on January 16, 2019 – over a year after the kid was taken to his ‘new parents’.

At first, the couple denied the allegations and claimed Howie was their kid but a DNA test quickly confirmed that Feng was right. This grandpa was finally reunited with his grandson. He is determined to file charges against his son and gain legal guardianship of the boy.

Feng cried tears of joy as he was reunited with Howie. He was also glad that he was able to find the boy just in time for the Chinese Lunar New Year celebration, a big family event in China. He denounces his son but hopes to live longer to spend more time with his grandson.

Kudos to this dedicated grandpa!

Photo credit: The Epoch Times