Aerial View: How World Landmarks Look Like From Above

There are a lot of famous landmarks in the world which are known to many. They’re so popular that photos of these prominent infrastructures and land formations are all over the internet – taken by the best photographers all over the world.

The mysterious Pyramids of Giza in Egypt, the amazing Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, and the beautiful resorts in Maldives have been seen thousands of times, perhaps millions, through photos shared by people who’ve been there, up close. But have you imagined seeing them from a different view? How they’d actually look from atop?

Yann Arthus Bertrand

Mangroves in New Caledonia

Here are some of the fascinating aerial shots of the world’s top tourist spots and remarkable land and water formations that would give you a bird-eye view of the astounding places. (h/t: Daily Overview)

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