Adventurous Sloth Rescued by Firemen, Sparks Epic Photoshop Battle

A sloth wandered into a hostel in São Sebastião, Brazil – and that’s not an intro to a bad joke but had actually happened in real life! Now, sloths are actually quite harmless and they even move so slow that they can’t run away from a crime, if ever they do something. So, there’s really nothing to worry about if you see a sloth in your hotel room.

Still, the sloth had to be rescued before the people can do it harm. So, the hostel staff called emergency services to extract the creature. Some firemen arrived to rescue the wild animal and return it to the forest.

Photo credit: Reddit

Amused by their task for the day, the firemen did not pass up the opportunity to have a photo taken with the sloth. But because the adventurous sloth looked so fabulous in the pose, the internet just could not let this pass without doing something like a Photoshop battle of sorts.

So, check out some of the hilarious but rather appropriate results of the Photoshop battle using the fabulous sloth’s ‘mugshot’ photo…

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