Adorable Panda Who Wouldn’t Let Go of Zookeeper Goes Viral… It Also Sparked Several Funny Memes on the Web

Pandas are huge but they are among the most adorable and cutest animals on the planet – and one just proved this when it would not let go of the zookeeper.

A video of the playful panda was shared on YouTube by CCTV News. In the clip, the zookeeper can be seen giving the panda some food but while the animal did munch on the sticks, it was more interested in playing with the human in his enclosure rather than eat.

After a while, the zookeeper relented and played with the panda for a while but quickly went out while the clingy panda was still lying on the ground. Clever zookeeper, adorable panda!

As you as can see in this video, the panda really wants to play and keep the zookeeper inside the enclosure.

But the panda’s claim to fame did not stop there because it would soon star in a number of memes on the internet.

In a set of photos shared by When in Manila on Facebook, some memes were created for the adorable panda. Check them out in the photos below:

Photo credit: Facebook/When in Manila
Photo credit: Facebook/When in Manila

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