Adorable Grandpa Caught ‘Stealing’ Photo of Wife Like a Lovestruck Teenager

Walang forever!” Really?

A lot of people these days simply joke about love, leading to many heartbreaks that made a lot feel cynical about love. Indeed, many readily tell happy couples that they can’t be in love forever and that sooner or later they would just break up. Ouch.

But an old couple in Mexico recently went viral for proving that a long and lasting love still exists – and that even old people can still feel so excited about love…

He is already 80 years old, but Emilio Sanchez was caught on camera as he was ‘stealing’ a photo of his lovely wife like he’s still a lovestruck teenager! It’s so cute, really.

Emilio has been married to his wife, Teresa Regla, for 55 years yet it seems as if he is still as in love with her as the first time they met.’

At the wedding of their granddaughter, Emilio tried to secretly take a photo of his wife, but the gesture was noticed by eagle-eyed photographer Edmundo Camdron who was covering the event.

Photo credit: Edmundo Cambron / Instagram

Curious as to why the old man was leaning forward a bit, with his cellphone angled to the side, Edmundo would quickly realize that Emilio was actually trying to ‘steal’ a photo of his wife! The photographer hurriedly snapped photos of the sweet moment and shared it on social media after the wedding.

Just like Edmundo, thousands of people just loved the sweet moment! The photo quickly went viral, with many netizens wishing they could also find someone who would love them as much as this old man loves his dear wife.

Despite their advanced age and the many years they spent together, Grandpa Emilio still feels like a lovestruck teenager as he ‘stole’ that photo of his wife at their granddaughter’s wedding. Isn’t that cute?

Sources: Edmundo Cambron / Instagram, No One Cares