Accountancy Board Exams Topnotcher Recalls Failing Her First Quiz, Admits Wanting to Be a Doctor

We all have dreams and aspirations. While there are those who have their lives mapped out and have the means to carry out their plans to make those dreams come true, many still have to struggle hard to find a way to reach those goals.

And while oftentimes we don’t get what we wanted, there are also better alternatives available or that we are able to find more happiness in something we had not planned on.

For Lahaira Amy Reyes, becoming a doctor had always been her dream since she was a kid. She wanted to be an obstetrician–gynecologist with Medical Technology (Med Tech) as her pre-medical course. But after realizing that her dream was too costly and would too much time to fulfill, she chose another career path – and it would take her straight to the top, literally!

Photo credit: Lahaira Amy Reyes / Inquirer

Reyes shared with the Inquirer that when she took the college entrance exams in many schools, she always put Med Tech, Public Health, and Health Science as her primary course choices. It was only when she took the exam at the University of Santo Tomas (UST) that she decided to change the first choice to Accountancy; though she still put Med Tech as her second choice.

Yung time na yun naisip ko na baka hindi practical mag-aral ng medicine kasi matagal, tapos cost. Kaya nag-suggest ang parents ko na why not accountancy ang ilagay ko naman dito sa UST?” Reyes shared.

Reyes had no background in Accountancy and thought the course was purely Math. But she could not forget the first quiz she took on the course – because she flunked it! And it was not the only quiz she failed throughout the course of her studies. In fact, Reyes shared that she also flunked the very last quiz on the course.

Maintaining her grade throughout the course was not easy. Reyes admits to sometimes having a 10-minute breakdown; though she makes sure to set the alarm to ensure she only breaks down for 10 minutes and gets back to her studies again.

Sinasabi ko na ‘Sige 10 minutes lang’ kasi kailangan talaga i-stop mag-breakdown. Kailangan mo pa rin mag-aral after,” she recalled.

Though she had always wanted to be a doctor, she eventually loved the Accountancy course beginning the third year. It made her think that perhaps the course was for her after all.

Her hard work paid off. She graduated valedictorian of her batch, achieving the highest honors as Summa Cum Laude.

Photo credit: Lahaira Amy Reyes / Inquirer

But though she graduated ahead of her class, the actual board exams were so difficult that she thought she would fail yet again. The exams incorporated the new TRAIN law, making the already difficult exams more challenging.

Nung last day, sobrang hirap ng tax; parang habang nag-eexam ako nagso-sorry na ako sa mga profs ko. Sorry, sorry baka hindi ako umabot,” Reyes said.

Half expecting she wouldn’t make it, Reyes was browsing for reviewers on another licensure exams while waiting for the exam results. It was her professor who called to inform her that not only did she make it, she also topped the October 2018 Accountancy Board Exams!

The new CPA screamed at the top of her lungs but the reality of topping the exams did not sink in until morning. It was only then that she finally savored the moment and was able to enjoy the feeling that she topped the exams.

Thankful and fulfilled (ako) na nag accountancy pero minsan naiisip ko pa rin yung ‘what if nakasuot na ako ng white?’ Kasi ang ganda talagang tingnan lalo na kapag napupunta ka sa hospital, parang sobrang respected ng image nila,” she would later wonder.

But according to Reyes, she will probably not pursue her dream of becoming a doctor as Accountancy might really be the career destined for her.

Source: Inquirer