Abused Dog Rescued after Being Kept in the Basement Her Whole Life

Last September, a team of rescuers from Humane Society of the United States raided a home in North Carolina. They managed to rescue 150 dogs, cats and goats that were confined in inhumane conditions. They immediately shut down the puppy mill.

One small poodle has caught the rescuers attention. She was named B.B. She was found inside a small, rusty cage in the basement of the home and there were signs that she had been forced to breed puppies repetitively.

Image from lifedaily

“She was very tiny, and she looked like this helpless creature, I put my hand up to the cage, and she’d come up and sniff a little bit. She was very hesitant for human attention, but she wanted it. I remember how tiny and frail she was in my hands. I pulled her close to my body, and she leaned into me,” said the animal crimes manager of HSUS, Jessica Lauginiger.

B.B. was very shocked when she was rescued from the basement, it seems that she hasn’t left the basement in her life or even seen the sky. She wouldn’t eat or drink when she was confined at Cabarrus Animal Hospital.

Brenda Tortoreo, a former receptionist at Cabarrus Animal Hospital decided to take B.B home and take care of her.

Image from lifedaily

“I put B.B. down on the floor, and she kept going in circles — not running, but walking. I guess that’s all she knew to do; she never knew what sun was. She didn’t know what grass was, and she was terrified of it,” Tortoreo narrated what happened when she took B.B. to her new home.

Slowly, she became comfortable with her new family and her new house. She’s living the life that she deserves. She started to run around the house and eat like crazy. She gained almost 7 pounds from her original weight of 3 and half pounds. She enjoys being outside and started to socialize with other dogs outside.