A Facebook User Shares His Views on What to Wear in a Coffee Shop

“Clothes make the man” means people can get a first impression of you by just looking at the clothes you are wearing. It could also be a clue to what you are going to do, or to where you are going. You would most likely go out with comfortable clothes, since you’d be away from your home. What you wear would totally be your choice, but it seems that some people might suddenly take offense to it.

Jhong Garcia in Facebook shared a screenshot of a post that he said he saw in Twitter. In the screenshot, the name of the one that made the post is withheld and in it shows the caption and a picture of  two people in a coffee shop.

Image Credit: Jhong Garcia/Facebook

In the picture, the faces of the two people are blacked out, and they are wearing sandos and shorts presumably as the picture only shows them from the waist up. The caption in the picture starts with suggesting that there should be a law to ban sandos, shorts, and slippers from being worn in public.

He goes on to say that you can “uglify” yourself at home, but don’t do it outside, specially in places where people would want to go to eat and he goes on to say that others might “lose their appetite” at the sight a person in that kind of clothing. He goes on further to say that if people can buy expensive gadgets, why can’t they dress up nicely, too? He closes it off by mentioning that laws, if implemented properly, have the means of teaching people proper courtesy to others.

Image Credit: Jhong Garcia/Facebook

Jhong has a simple response to it: The way you dress in public should not be a big deal and you are not required to be fancy when you want to go out and get coffee for example.

You can read Jhong’s post here:

bakit big deal ito?! dapat ba naka evening gown or formal attire o sunday dress o pang malakasan pag pumunta sa coffee shops?! weird ha

Posted by Jhong Garcia on Sunday, February 24, 2019