A Customer Refused to Pay a Cellphone Technician Because His Phone Was “Quickly Fixed”

Cellular phones have become a necessity for everyone nowadays and we can’t go by one day without holding it. When it suddenly stops working, you’d bring it to a cellphone technician who would try to fix it quickly. If they are successful, that would be the time that they will only ask for a fee, but one customer thought otherwise.

Facebook user Jonjon Razote shares a video that he took which showed a confrontation between a cellphone technician and a customer. From how it started, the customer approached the repair shop to have them check his cellphone which won’t turn on. The technician checked the phone and he was able to get the phone to work again quickly. Being that the technician was able to do his job, he charged the customer P300 for the labor fee, which the man did not accept.

The customer was saying he shouldn’t pay anything since the technician “didn’t do anything” with the phone and it started to work ten seconds after the technician held it. The technician then said phone did not turn on when he got it at first but he was able to make it work again after doing a hard reset. The customer did not accept the explanation and he began bad-mouthing the technician and he refused to pay the P300. The video ended with the people around saying that they can escalate the case to the mall administration if the customer wanted to as he was initially wanting to bring the case to the nearest baranggay hall.

Jonjon made a follow-up video for the incident. He said he didn’t like how the customer spoke to the technician and he was “triggered” by it since he was also a cellphone technician himself, and he gave praise to the technician for keeping his cool the whole time. He also wanted to give a message that everyone should have a cool head and not let the current hot weather affect you.

You can watch Jonjon’s videos here:

Posted by Jonjon Razote on Monday, April 8, 2019

Posted by Jonjon Razote on Monday, April 8, 2019