9 People Who had Undergone Surgeries to Change their Looks

According to the Free Dictionary, surgery is the branch of science that deals with the diagnosis and treatment of injury, deformity, and disease through the use of instruments.  However, some people aren’t doing it for treatment.  They would undergo surgeries to enhance their body features.  If you think that it is already extreme, think again.

Here are people who had undergone surgery to change their looks:

Herbert Chavez

Herbert chavez
Image is taken from Youtube/ Facts Verse

Superman is the fictional character from DC comics and one of the most famous superheroes worldwide.  Many guys want to be the “Man of Steel” but not many would go through a series of surgeries to look like the superhero.  This dressmaker from the Philippines spends over 300,000 pesos to look like Superman.  It took him sixteen years to reach his goal.

Vanilla Chamu

This girl went through extreme surgeries to change her appearance.  Most of her life she wanted to be a French doll. She had her first surgery when she was just a teen.  If you would see her picture then, you would know that she is Japanese but after many surgeries, it is almost impossible to know that she is of Japanese descent.  Today she has a Western look and she has more plans on getting more surgeries to look like a French doll.

Rodrigo Braga

rodrigo braga

He is a man from Brazil who wants to look like a dog, so he paid a plastic surgeon to transplant some dead dog parts into his head.  Later on, it was discovered that Rodrigo was a performance artist who created a replica of his face.  He asked a veterinary to sew the parts of the dog into the replica.

Truly, these guys and gals went into extreme surgeries to change their looks. If you like the list then you need to check out the other pages.