9 Overly Obese Guys Who Now Look Like Hollywood Macho Men

Many overweight people have low self-esteem because they feel that they are not at par with what society wants people to be. But while that is a primary reason for many to try and lose excess weight, the reality is that overweight people are more prone to various medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes; thus, they are often advised by their doctors to slim down!

What’s great about losing weight and staying fit is that you get to have a better-looking, healthier body while also developing better self-esteem.

Take for example these 9 overly obese guys who now look like Hollywood macho men. A lot of them had a bout with depression but managed to overcome the challenges and turn themselves into these hot, confident guys…

Rick Snowdon lost 180 lbs

Photo credit: IG / ricksnowdon

Previously addicted to sugar, Rick ballooned to 364 lbs. This led him to have a very shy personality. After developing love for music and learning how to play the guitar, his sugar obsession turned to passion for music. This led him to his weight loss journey. See how awesome he now looks!

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