9 Beautiful Dishes from French Catering Company That is Inspiring Others by Employing Refugees as Cooks

These French entrepreneurs who are serving their community believes that good food is the way to a person’s heart – and they could be right.

Louis Jacquot and Sebastien Prunier, entrepreneurs, launched a company called “Les Cuistots Migrateurs” ― or “The Migrant Cooks” in February. The company is a catering company that employs refugees and migrants to cook and serve native dishes to Parisians.

Jacquot and Prunier’s aim is to provide employment opportunities to these groups of people, as well as to help change the French people’s perception of migrants.

Refugees are all over the news. They are here but their skills are not valued. We wanted to give them the opportunity to show what they’re able to do ― and also make French people meet them, and change the narrative around migration,” Jacquot said.

Last year, New York Times reported that France gave refugee status to over 19,000 people. Not all those people received a warm welcome in the country. As an example, a mayor from a Southern French city said to Syrians that they are not welcome in France and the National Front, the far-right party in the country, won riding on an anti-immigrant platform.

Jacquot explained that most people’s perception on migrants are just what they hear about on TV. He recalls having customers who look for their refugee servers and fail to realize that they have already spoken to them or are standing in front of them already.

Photo credit: Les Cuistots Migrateurs Facebook page
Photo credit: Les Cuistots Migrateurs Facebook page

He was just in front of them. But because he was wearing sunglasses and speaking French … People need to realize that refugees are here, around us, and they’re people just like us, trying to build a life,” Jacquot said.

Jacquot dreams of expanding their business to a food delivery service or a food court that features a wide variety of cuisines but for now, they hope that they can just inspire other entrepreneurs to follow their business model of taking out boundaries and employing refugees.

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