8 Surprising Uses for Listerine Mouthwash

Did you know that Listerine has been around since the 1800s? Yep! I am as surprised as you are – but that’s not the only thing that will surprise you today because Listerine, as it turns out, has not always been used as mouthwash but also for other things!

With so many products coming out of the market over the years, you get to use various stuff at home – but you can actually have one on the shelf to work for you! Sigh. I wish I had known this a long time ago. Still, it is not too late. This means I should put a huge bottle of Listerine on my next shopping list!

Cure for Stinky Feet

It seems that Listerine is not just for curing stinky breath, it can also be used to cure stinky feet! The astringent in the mouthwash kills odor-causing bacteria and also helps in reducing the amount of sweat produced by the feet.

Featured image credit: Remedy Daily

To use, simply soak your feet in a mix 1 part Listerine in 2 parts warm water for about 20 minutes.

Aside from getting odor-free feet, you’ll also find it soft and smooth! Lovely, isn’t it?