8 Photos that Prove Punctuation Marks Make a Big Difference

A sentence could have multiple meanings depending on what punctuation marks are used.

Punctuation marks are used in written texts to divide the sentence into phrases that make sense. It guides the reader of the written text on how to put pauses within the sentence so that the writer’s message can get across, with the same meaning the writer had in mind when he first wrote the text.

However, the wrong use of a punctuation mark or completely ignoring its proper use gives the readers a leeway of freedom to interpret the written text in whatever way.

Here are eight signs that completely missed the use of punctuation marks.

  1. Is this a good deal or not?
Image from Funny Signs

2. Wait, what? Then I can trespass there anytime I want to, right?

Image from Disqus

3. A classic case of apostrophe use gone wrong.

Image from The Question

4. This time, it’s a case of a period in the wrong place.

Image from Listen and Learn

5. No to labels, please.

Image from Pinterest

6. Uh oh, guess Missouri didn’t like it.

Image from College Humor Australia

7. Want to work for Spongebob?

Image from The Things

8.If someone has the same case, should he see a doctor, too?

Image from Distractify

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