70-Year-Old Veteran Walks Miles to See His Wife in a Nursing Home

Lt. Charles Plitt was driving home when he saw James Wright, a 70-year-old veteran from Alabama, walking southbound on 431. He was dressed nicely, it appears that he is already tired but he keeps going. Plitt immediately approached Wright and asked if he was okay but he said that he could not go any further.

According to a Facebook post, Wright walks to see his wife in a nursing home every other day despite the fact that he is already struggling to walk after he had stroke. Plitt offered to take Wright to the nursing home. During the ride, Wright explained that his car broke down and he doesn’t have any choice but to walk to see his wife who was suffering from dementia.

“All I could do is listen and try not to tear up myself… As we pulled into the nursing home he wiped his tears away and shook my hand. He smiled, then thanked me again and with a burst of energy he hurried inside, not looking so feeble or defeated anymore. I pulled away and continued home, but I thought about this encounter with James the whole way back,” said Plitt in his Facebook post.

The Facebook post became viral. Netizens extended their help to get Wright’s truck fixed but as of now, he will continue to walk to his wife who, according to him, is the most beautiful girl he had ever seen.