65-Year-Old Woman Steals Taxi, Picks Up Unsuspecting Paying Passengers

Betty Thomas was picked up by a Freedom Taxi driver from her house on Maryland Street in Germantown, Philadelphia to take her to the SugarHouse Casino located along the Delaware River.

On their way to Betty’s destination, she asked the taxi driver to stop at a gas station. She, then, went into a store with the driver assisting her to walk since she was limping when he picked her up.

Image from Pixabay

When they went back into the car, Betty and the driver started to argue, apparently, over the fare.

At some point during the argument, the old lady was able to jump into the driver seat and drove off speedily, stealing the taxi cab. She drove back to the store where they were earlier and left at around midnight.

Thirty minutes later, the taxi cab was spotted near the headquarters of the 25th District Police Headquarters. When they stopped the car, they found Betty Thomas with a passenger on the back seat—a 23-year-old mother with her 10-month-old daughter who had no idea that the cab they were riding was a stolen car.

The cab driver later identified his cab. Betty was arrested and charged with theft but was later released.

Source: ABC News, NBC