60-Year-Old Man Has Been Cooking Chicken Under the Blazing Heat of the Sun for Over 20 Years

Sila Satharat is a 60-year-old roadside vendor from Phetchaburi, Thailand who had found an ingenious way to cook his products in a different way — by using the power of the sun with over 300 degrees Celsius of natural sunlight.

This idea came up in 1997, when he was hit by sunlight reflected from the window of a passing bus and he felt its heat. He thought that he could possibly change it to energy. From then on, he made a contraption to capture the sunlight and use it to cook his chicken. The panel which he made himself consists of 1,000 small, movable mirrors that allow him to cook a 1.5kg chicken in just 10 to 15 mins.

Photo from Inquirer

Suthrat claims that his contraption can generate up to 312 degrees Celsius of heat that’s why he always wears a welder’s mask instead of cook’s hat.

His unusual culinary method makes other people think he had gone crazy but this didn’t stop him from continuing his amazing ways. In fact, it has been his method for over two decades.

At the time, energy such as petrol and gas was becoming more expensive and suppliers were also running out of wood to sell, I thought if I used solar energy, I could save a lot. And it also decreases pollution.

Image from OddityCentral

Currently, he and his wife, Pansiri can now cook around 40 chickens and several sides of pork each day.

For his amazing invention, he was awarded an honorary science degree by Pherchaburi Rajabhat University.