50-Year-Old Mom from China Reveals How She Manages to Look Half Her Age

Liu Yelin from Xinyang City in central China’s Henan Province is labeled “China’s fittest mum” when her gorgeous photos have gone viral. She has a picture with her adult son.

People did not believe that this bombshell’s real age is already 50 years old because of her attractive complexion and her slim body; she looks half her age!

Image from Mirror

Liu said she took her working out seriously at the age of 30. She also said that having a figure like hers has not been really easy. She does two-hour workouts every day; she also said thatit is important to do a mix of exercise types so that the body gets training in both cardiovascular and strength.

Some of her photos that went viral show her distance-running, swimming, and boxing.

Image from MSN

Last year, she swam across the Malacca Strait between Peninsular Malaysia and Sumatra, for a total distance of around 37 miles.

She is now planning to swim the Han River in Seoul, South Korea in September. The size of the river was just over a half a mile wide in parts.

Watch how she’s very serious with her intense whole body work out and tell us what you think…


Source: Youtube, MSN, Mirror