50-Year-Old Model and Actress Amazes Everyone With Her Toned Body and Flawless Skin

Candy Lo Lam is a 50-year-old mother of three, model and an actress from Hong Kong. She was crowned winner of the Miss Asia Pageant in 1991 but was away from the limelight when she became a mother to her three sons.

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A lot have been skeptical about her age because of her smooth skin and incredibly toned body; at first glance you would probably think that she’s around her 20s or mid-30s. Some say that her photos were a product of Photoshop’s airbrush feature. What do you think?

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“I am a regular at my gym, eat healthy 90 percent of the time and yet I have a strong feeling that the odds of resembling a woman decades younger than myself when I am nearing the age of 50 are not in my favor,” Candy said in an interview.

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Candy told SheKnows that her goal in life is to age like Jennifer Lopez with minimal wrinkles and a toned body.

After she posted a few teasers on her Instagram, no wonder her fans bought copies of her photo book entitled Timeless. All 3000 copies have been sold.

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The proceeds of Timeless will be going to the charities dedicated to assisting children and women who have been a victim of, or currently experiencing any acts of domestic violence.

Source: SheKnows