5-Year-Old Girl Fined by the Local Council for Selling Lemonade

Andre Spicer from London has a 5-year-old daughter who wanted to run a stall like the one they had at a school fair. As an excited parent, Andre helped his daughter set up her lemonade stand, prepared four containers filled with lemonade, and even wrote the price tags—all in the hopes that his daughter would learn a thing or two from that experience.

Image from Pixabay

A music festival was taking place in a park near the area where the lemonade stall stands and people were passing by. In about a minute or so, Andre’s daughter had her first customer.

As her daughter went on selling lemonade, four council officers approached her and in lengthy legal speech, told her that her lemonade has no trading permit, for which she would be fined £150 ($195).

The little girl burst into tears, thinking that she had done a bad thing. She continued sobbing on their way home, as Andre explained to her what just happened. When the girl finally calmed down, Andre told her that they could get a permit and continue selling lemonade. But his little girl is too scared to do business again.

Andre wrote an article about their experience which received international attention. The news immediately reached the local council, who was ‘very sorry’ about the incident and canceled the fine immediately.

Source: abcnews