5-Year-Old Girl Battles with a Rare Kind of Cancer

Initially thought as suffering from a virus, Kelsey Meldrum complained of stomach pains earlier this year. She went to see a doctor for four times as the pain continued but her father immediately brought her to the hospital when he noticed that her stomach has swollen.

The five-year-old girl from Rustington, West Sussex, England has undergone medical exams which took several weeks as doctors were trying to figure out the type of tumor she had.

Image from GoFundMe

After the tumor, which weighed about a kilo, was taken off, it was sent all around the world to confirm its kind. Medical experts agreed that the tumor was an abdominal neuroblastoma, a rare kind of cancer — and there are only three people in the entire world who have it.

Kelsey started her chemotherapy and her parents had to divide their time between attending to their other children and being with her at the hospital during her treatments.

A GoFundMe page has been set up to help the family raise £2,500 to finance Kelsey’s treatment.

Meanwhile, doctors said that the little girl has been responding well to treatments.

Her father said that she is trying her best to cope up with her conditions for her family and she has been very brave amidst everything.

Source: Mirror